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May 22 2018

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Window by Danirain

this is what my food sees from the microwave






the first time EVER scientists managed to spot a pair of deep sea octopi mating it turned out to be 1. two males and 2. two males of different species 3. the much smaller octopus was clearly topping. neither of the octopi showed any sign of distress, so they clearly were into it, and octopi are too smart not to know what they were doing. source

the animal kingdom is a lot gayer than people want you to believe.

everything is a lot gayer than people want you to believe.

octopi are gay culture

reblog if you love this interracial gay couple that refuses to conform to society’s expectations of sexual roles based on size

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i feel very targeted

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I love seeing people walk their pets outside on nice days :)

clean up after your pets!!! god

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what the fuck kind of name spelling bullshit is Farha

why are white people so offended by arabic names like ho ur name is gabriella,,, high school musical came out in 2006 it’s not cute anymore

rip gabriella 2006-2016

Gabriella’s far better than Farha


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Wholesome Cthulhu

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Deadpool (2016) - Deadpool 2 (2018)


someone: *sends kinda short replies*
me: that’s it. the friendship is over. they hate me. we can never speak again. the end is here


last fall i was driving down a country road in the woods and i saw a handwritten sign by some trees that said “free apples” so i pulled over and wandered into this orchard on the side of the road alone except for some dog barking at me and i picked a bunch of apples and i took them home and made a pie and my conclusions is that kids in faerie tales and ppl in horror movies just suck bc the SAME situation worked out just fine 4 me

May 21 2018


my counselor: how are you doing?

me: good, how are you?

my counselor: good, what brings you in today?

me: im doin real bad karen

Are cows NOT domesticated farm animals in “Steven Universe?”



In “Full Disclosure,” we see Steven swipe through the photos on his phone, and there’s this one of Steven and Connie at a restaurant. 

Notice the painting and the stuffed cow head. Stuffing and mounting an animal’s head is usually what you do with an animal that you’ve hunted and killed, not with domesticated farm animals that are slaughtered for their meat. 

And that painting is based on a real painting of Theodore Roosevelt, who was (among many other things) a big game hunter. 

And then there’s this line from Garnet in “Too Far:”

Are cows a wild animal that people hunt for sport in this universe?

You: White Diamond

Me, an intellectual: Steven Universe cow lore


Someone just suggested Taika Waititi direct Deadpool 3 and…

That makes so much sense but it’s also giving Taika too much power

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This isnt even true theres always a chance u weenies

it’s never too late

when u make the gradual process to get better and achieve ur dreams

when u see positive posts like these on the dash and get inspired to pursue your goals

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i love the fact that there are two pictures of eyes that I now read as two different phrases without question

these are so powerful


it’s free perishing 

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the bard accidentally rolls a d201 instead of a d20 and still manages to critically fail

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